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Yammer. What It Is?

By Jo Robb, Contributing Editor

Yammer. What It Is?

Often referred to as Facebook-for-business, Yammer is Microsoft’s intuitivelydesigned, business-centric social network that brings employees together to share and communicate, to build and strengthen relationships and ideas. 

A key part of the Microsoft 365 suite since 2014, Yammer has become established as a unique, accessible, highly-inclusive platform for communicating, sharing, educating and engaging employees in an organic way. Just like Facebook, the bulk of Yammer’s content is generated by the people using it and so, naturally, employees become producers, Q&A experts and moderators. But, just imagine, Facebook with no ads! Instead Yammer can be peppered with pieces of corporate information, pushed to the relevant employees and groups at the appropriate time.   

It’s no wonder that a phenomenal 85% of fortune 500 companies worldwide use Yammer. 


Yammer is excellent for company-wide announcements and engagement. Unlike Teams – which is better suited to communication, collaboration and sharing between smaller groups – Yammer allows you to push comms messages into all or selected feeds. Additionally, ‘seen counts’ allow you to track the number of people who have viewed your announcement. 


Yammer gives organisations the ability to consistently share information across departments, locations, and even time zones. Rather than sending an email to ask for information about a topic, users can post into a Yammer group or – depending how the business has configured the set up – cast a query out to multiple groups, or even company-wide. Department heads and leadership can keep an eye on groups and choose whether to answer questions or validate responses, but essentially Yammer introduces the efficiency of a crowdsourced, self-moderating knowledge library. Some companies chose to set up specific Yammer groups dedicated to asking and answering questions and have reported a marked increase in agility and responsiveness as a result. 


Yammer’s constant stream of widely-accessible content, chat and information sharing means that a user – regularly accessing the platform – will inevitably accumulate knowledge and be able to drill down into topic areas that spark interest. 

Like any social network the value from Yammer builds with the number of active users, and the frequency and volume of their content posts. So, for the company leadership, seeding, encouraging and demonstrating engaged behaviours on the platform are key from the outset.  


If you want to give a department or company-wide shout out for a great project delivery, a record sales month, or a new appointment, Yammer is your forum. Plaudits and celebrations can be generated centrally or by teams, groups or individuals. It gives teams the perfect forum to showcase and recognise achievements, while negating the issues of a disparate or physically disconnected workforce.  


Run a platform like Yammer in your organisation, particularly in conjunction with the more project-focused Teams, and you are opening up to discussion threads, welcoming opinion, and enabling employees to engage in genuine, personality-laden chat about work (and sometimes non-work) matters. It is here on Yammer that the work, methods, culture and personality of your organisation is reflected and built on. Savvy and engaged leadership can use Yammer to watch out for shifts in sentiment and tone (in a parental non-Big Brother way) and get an early heads up on any issues arising, while new starter employees can quickly pick up on the tone and style of communication within different teams. 


As Teams’ more relaxed sibling, Yammer is unrestrained enough to be the perfect forum for posting gifs, jokes and memes, while retaining enough structure to make it a valuable communication and engagement tool for any medium-to-large enterprise. Ideas and projects sparked through a Yammer chat can be formalised and further developed in Teams. Users can move broad brush Yammer conversations to a more specific audience in Teams, for discussion and follow up. Equally, by using tabs Yammer #topics can be attached to Teams channel to link the wider chat with the more focused project work. 




There are loads of reasons to love Yammer, from both the business leadership and employee perspective:

For Employees

Create relationships. Be social even when you don’t have time to be social. Learn from your colleagues. Ask. Generate idea. Share your knowledge. Stay informed. Be recognised. Grow.

For Leaders

Communicate. Broadcast. Demonstrate openness. Celebrate success. Learn from your employees. Seed ideas and let them grow.  Encourage, listen and watch your company culture flourish. 


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