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At Silicon Reef careers thrive around the flexibility that Microsoft 365 provides. We are firm believers in creating harmony between work and life, and understand that means something different for every individual. We always celebrate great work and our people.

We are privileged to have built a talented team who work across the UK.
We each have our own working hours, our own ways of managing tasks, but we’re all working towards the same goal: to deliver excellent, sustainable, people-led solutions for our clients. Collectively we are dedicated to crafting technology that empowers people within their workplace: to make the most of their tools, maximize their time and promote a work life balance. We want the same for our team.

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We are proud of the benefits we offer our employees. These aren’t beer-fridge and fussball-table style benefits, these are benefits that make an actual difference to your work life balance.
We have developed our packages around providing flexibility and rewarding excellence. All we want in return is for the best-of-the-best: folk who are passionate about working hard as part of a company that is really going places.

Flex Time


Home Working

Home Working

Unlimited Holiday

Unlimited Holiday

And that’s all standard. Yes, that’s right: standard.

We craft our roles around people. So, if you prefer working four long days so that you can spend Fridays on the golf course, that’s fine. If you have a young family and only want to work during school hours, that’s cool with us too.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

That’s a bit about us. Now what about you? If you’re looking for a Microsoft 365 partner to solve your digital workplace challenges, we’re ready to talk.