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Effortlessly engaging sites that work like SharePoint but feel like you. Designed for user experience and aligned with accessibility standards, Beacon highlights and guides you to the most important and interesting content.

TP ICAP intranet homepage - beforeTP ICAP intranet homepage - after

Before & After

“There is an excellent range of options in Beacon to design each home page web part, meaning a SharePoint intranet can look attractive and on brand for any organization”

ClearBox Report, 2024

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Build brand-compliant SharePoint pages in minutes

Protect brand identity with locked in colours, fonts and logos

More branding options than SharePoint out-of-the-box


Engage employees with dynamic, creative content

Create website-like experiences with enhanced designs and layouts

Go beyond what’s possible with traditional SharePoint design


Ensure a user-friendly experience with built-in accessibility checks

Help remote and hybrid workers feel part of a community

Create a seamless, welcoming experience for employees with additional needs

Beacon Design Lookbook

Get inspired for your next SharePoint site design with our Beacon lookbook. Full of best practice and ideas to help you take SharePoint to the next level.

Download the ClearBox Report

The 2024 ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms report reviews the best products on the market.

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Met Office logo

7 Day Intranet Transformation

A brand-aligned design refresh for financial services firm TP ICAP with Beacon.

University of Leeds logo

Transforming Internal Communications

A new branded intranet with custom page templates for University of Leeds

Example of a SharePoint intranet from University of Leeds

The Components

Content spotlight

Content Spotlight

Promote Priority Content

Imitate news and magazine websites with the power to display priority content on landing pages dynamically alongside bold images, supporting content and links.

Showcase Banner

Showcase Banner

Create Bolder Banners

Customise SharePoint site page banners any way you want with the Showcase Banner component. Make a more engaging first impression with imagery, text and call-to-actions, all bundled up in one banner.

Rich Content

Rich Content+

Enhance Your Information Architecture

Use tabs and accordions to organise text-heavy sections. Put users in control of the detail they see, while reducing excessive scrolling and improving your page layout.

Image Hotspots

Image Hotspots

Create Interactive Images

Make landing page images more engaging with customisable hover overs and links.

Section Designs

Section Designs

Branded Backgrounds

Default Microsoft backgrounds can compromise your branding efforts. The Section Background component gives you full control across any page section.

Media Experience

Media Experience

Better Embedded Media

Bring the media experience of a modern website into SharePoint Online. With the Media Experience component, you can embed media from 1,800+ third-party platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.

Branding customiser

Accessibility Checker

Be Inclusive

Ensure your users are not only sticking to your brand’s colours and fonts, but using them in the most accessible way. Our simple, built-in tool guides the user as to what designs are pass fail against AA and AAA.

Branding customiser

Branding Customiser

Stay On-brand

Keep branding on point with Branding Customiser – a popular component that gives you the freedom to set all the right fonts, colours and accent details on SharePoint site pages.

You’re in good company

Free 60-minute refresh

We’re inviting you to challenge us to totally transform your intranet design, free of charge, in just 60 minutes. 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Our team will show you what your SharePoint intranet could look like with Beacon. In 60 minutes, we’ll apply your company branding and content to present a fully transformed intranet, right before your eyes. 

No cost. No commitment. Just WOW.

    Download the Beacon Lookbook

    Download the ClearBox Report

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