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We help organisations achieve business goals quicker through best-in-class Microsoft 365 services that put employees front and center. We create digital environments from which organisations and employees can thrive. Starting with SharePoint as the foundation, then integrating innovative platforms like Viva, Copilot and Power Platform.

We’re not just tech wizards. We’re a team of people who understand that business success depends on every member of an organisation. Our people-first approach combined with our expertise allows us to work with both technical and non-technical teams to give your modern workplace a human touch.

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Our Services

We work with Internal Communications, IT and digital transformation teams to bridge the gap between your people and your tech. Using Microsoft 365, we help you optimise your modern workplace – from your intranet design and functionality to preparation and integration of Copilot, document management and process automation.

Our Products

We’ve developed our own products that seamlessly sit within your Microsoft 365 ecosystem to enable your teams to have a better, more engaging experience. From enhancing SharePoint design capabilities to easily accessible quick links – we help employees make work easier.

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What is Viva Connections?

What is Viva Connections?

Viva Connections is part of the Microsoft Viva employee experience platform, alongside apps like Viva Engage, Viva Goals and Viva Amplify. We take a closer look at what Viva Connections is, how to access it, key features, and how much it costs. Jump to:• What is Viva...

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Why Viva Engage is the Best Meta Workplace Alternative

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Accelerating Your Journey to Knowledge Management

Accelerating Your Journey to Knowledge Management

It’s not a new idea for businesses to use their knowledge to gain a competitive edge. But the bigger they get, the more dispersed that know-how becomes. Technology has taken us some way towards storing and managing that intellectual capital, but all too often...