Silicon Reef host events that allow you to connect on a personal level. From our speaker series and intimate dinners to refreshing cocktails at happy hour, we invite you to join us.

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Silicon Reef invite you to meet new people, share knowledge and expertise in the digital and tech industries, all while inspiring change in company culture.

Work Happy Webinar

Work Happy Webinar Series

Join the movement to WORK HAPPY. We listen to inspiring stories from leading guests on how they’re challenging traditional ways of working. Watch previous episodes on our YouTube channel.



Our intimate dinner series framed around technology and innovation. Candour provides selected guests with a platform to share and learn amongst fellow leaders.

Fathom Event


Fathom brings together people and brands to share stories around technology and innovation. This is our regular meetup series, we welcome leading national and international companies to learn, share and network.



Horizon welcomes clients, partners and friends of the business to get together in a relaxed environment. We promise the evening will be filled with interesting people, refreshing conversation and fabulous cocktails (not a PowerPoint deck in sight).

Partnerships & Speakers

Could you be our next speaker or event partner?

Contact Amanda Harvey, Marketing Manager for event partnership enquiries.

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FATHOM London June 2019