Sort Your SharePoint Out

How to Design a People-Friendly Intranet

Sort Your SharePoint Out

“I wish SharePoint didn’t look like SharePoint.”

“SharePoint is the wild west of off-brand content.”

“Why can’t I add the right shade of blue?”

SharePoint can be a headache for internal communicators. IT enforce it, employees don’t use it – and somehow, internal comms teams have to make the best of it.

But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

Join Microsoft 365 expert Alex Graves and internal comms whizz Carly Murray as they discuss how you can solve your SharePoint woes and design a people-friendly intranet that works for you and your employees.

Hint: You can add that right shade of blue to your SharePoint intranet!

Your Speakers

An image of webinar speaker Alex Graves, Chief Visionary Officer

Alex Graves
Chief Visionary Officer & M365 Expert

An image of webinar speaker Carly Murray, Internal Communications Director

Carly Murray
Internal Communications Director

What’s On the Agenda?

  • Why SharePoint is a bit like Lego
  • How a first-class SharePoint intranet forms the foundation for the future of employee experience
  • Why making your intranet look great is the best starting point
  • Common SharePoint design pain points and how to fix them