SharePoint Development: Customise SharePoint to Meet Employee Needs

We are an expert SharePoint development agency, specialising in SharePoint for Modern Work. From bespoke apps and web parts, to intranets and Document Management Systems, our custom development services help medium and enterprise organisations tailor SharePoint to meet employee and business needs.

SharePoint Apps & Web Parts

Our SharePoint development services include SPFx, C#, Azure logic apps, API integrations and Azure functions to build applications and web parts on SharePoint.

Our expert development team build powerful apps that work seamlessly with Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365 ecosystems.

From provisioning engines to data collection platforms, we can build a range of bespoke tools to suit every business need.

Business Process Automation

With our custom SharePoint and Power Platform apps, we help organisations automate repetitive business processes.

Organisations can create tailored workflows that are fully customised to specific business needs, helping to save time, boost productivity, reduce errors and provide a competitive advantage.

We develop both attended and non attended workflows that promote citizen development. This enables every employee to contribute to automation, and allows multiple workflows to be connected to reach all parts of the business.

SharePoint Development

Our team of expert developers and consultants help organisations customise SharePoint, Power Platform and Azure services to achieve business goals.

From Enterprise Resourcing Applications and workflow automation to portals and Information Management Systems, we help organisations unlock the potential of SharePoint.

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What is SharePoint Development?

Custom SharePoint development is about creating bespoke, customised solutions within SharePoint and Microsoft 365. It can help tailor SharePoint to meet specific business needs.

There are 5 key elements of custom development in SharePoint:

  1. Customising SharePoint Sites – Customising sites often relates to intranets, communications hubs or team sites. It could include creating custom layouts or themes to reflect your company’s branding and identity.
  2. Building Custom Web Parts – Custom web parts are modular components that can be added to SharePoint pages to enhance the out-of-the-box functionality. Examples of custom web parts include dynamic calendars, project timelines or a list of upcoming events.
  3. Creating Workflows – Workflows are automated processes that help streamline repetitive business processes. You can use workflows to automate tasks like document approvals, project management and issues tracking.
  4. Integrating with Other Systems – The beauty of SharePoint is that it seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft 365 apps. This includes tools like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva, and Power Platform. Plus, you can integrate with third-party tools like HR apps or project management software.
  5. Developing Custom Applications – SharePoint development can also involve building custom apps that extend SharePoint’s functionality. Apps can range from simple utilities to complex business solutions tailored to very specific needs or use cases.

Out-Of-The-Box vs. Custom Development

Out-of-the-box (OOTB) refers to the features and functionalities that come included with SharePoint as standard. They don’t require any customisation, and are ready to use as soon as SharePoint is installed and configured. This standard functionality includes document management, collaboration tools, workflow automation and search functionality.

The benefits of OOTB include:

  • Ease of use – OOTB features don’t need too much technical expertise to get set up
  • Faster deployment – setting up SharePoint without any custom development is easier and quicker
  • Low cost – OOTB sites make use of the features already included in a standard licence

But, OOTB sites can also be restrictive.

Custom SharePoint solutions offer more flexibility, and can be tailored to meet specific business needs.

The benefits of custom development include:

  • Tailored Solutions – build exactly what you need to meet your business’ unique requirements
  • Greater Productivity – using custom workflows to automate complex business processes can significantly improve efficiency compared to OOTB solutions
  • Scalability – custom solutions can be designed to scale and flex as your business grows, providing better long-term value

When choosing between OOTB or a customised development, you should consider 3 things:

  1. Can you achieve your goals with OOTB features, or is custom development essential to achieve your desired functionality?
  2. Do you have budget or internal resource for custom development? Will you need to work with a SharePoint development specialist?
  3. What are your organisation’s long-term goals? Will the solution work for your business now and in the future?

Why Work With a SharePoint Development Partner?

Working with a SharePoint development company can help ease the burden of managing and maintaining Microsoft tools within an organisation. Microsoft 365 tools are ever changing and for organisations without an internal specialist, staying on top of what’s new and what’s changed can be tough.

We live and breathe SharePoint. We know what works and what doesn’t, how different types of organisations can make best use of SharePoint, and what’s coming from Microsoft in the future. As well as SharePoint expertise, we also specialise in other Microsoft 365 tools like Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Copilot and Power Platform. We can design and build solutions that help organisations make the best use of the entire Microsoft 365 suite, as well as SharePoint.

SharePoint Design FAQs

What does a SharePoint developer do?

Our team of developers work in collaboration with our consultants and design experts to create custom solutions for our customers. We get to know our customers and their employees, and use our extensive M365 knowledge to build bespoke solutions that go beyond out-of-the-box functionality.

Do you provide support for custom SharePoint solutions?

Yes, we can offer ongoing support for custom solutions built by us. We do recommend support packages to cover fixes and updates, to ensure your organisation and employees continue to get the most out of SharePoint.
We do also offer training so that organisations can manage day-to-day maintenance and updates internally.

What other SharePoint services do you offer?

As well as SharePoint development, we also offer:




Document Management

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