Run efficient and engaging internal communications campaigns

Ripple builds pages which look and feel like your company and help you deliver exceptional campaigns.

“Each Ripple campaign has a variety of carefully considered settings, including AI choices meaning a campaign can have its own voice.”

ClearBox Report, 2024

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All the tools you need to optimise your campaigns

  • Simplify content scheduling
  • Streamline your publication process
  • Auto-publish content
  • Simple or detailed engagement reporting
  • In-built engagement optimisation tools
  • Designed for non-technical users
  • Unlimited active campaigns
  • Accessible and inclusive by design

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Plan + Collaborate

People-proof content planning

Give your team the freedom to create beautiful content while keeping control of brand management.

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Drag and drop scheduling icon

Drag-and-drop scheduling

Ditch your spreadsheet of doom. Simply drag-and-drop content or content ideas to any day or time in your smart calendar.

Simple progress tracking icon

Simple progress tracking

Stay on top of planning with all the at-a-glance info you need, including Publish Date, Campaign Name and Status.

Integrated Kanban board icon

Integrated Kanban board

Switch to a synced Trello-style kanban board, when you’re moving posts through the publication process.

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One-click editing

Want to edit a post on the content calendar? Just click through and start editing, for a friction-free experience when you need to get work done.

Create + Publish

Build beautifully branded posts in 5 minutes

Auto-embed design assets in your content while designing stunning content with ease.

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Understanding branding icon

Understanding branding

Ripple lifts the limitations of SharePoint, letting you embed beautiful, pixel perfect branding right into content templates.

Accessible by design icon

Accessible by design

Build content everyone can enjoy with tools anyone can use. Whether it’s helping you optimise readability or handling image metadata, accessibility comes first with Ripple. 

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Integrate News

Scoop, Ripple’s newest feature, allows users to share news from external sources and across SharePoint into the Ripple news header and Ripple news web parts.

Track + Optimise

Instant engagement

From soft measures to hard facts. Our in-built analytics gives you confidence in your numbers when presenting to management.

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Tailored content recommendations icon

Tailored content recommendations

Boost engagement with in-built recommendations on optimum content length, media types and publishing times based on real employee data.

Track everything, everywhere icon

Track everything, everywhere

Set benchmarks, analyse sentiment and track improvements in employee engagement across your organisation.

Download the ClearBox Report

The 2024 ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms report reviews the best products on the market.

Find us on page 716.

Introducing Campaigns

Ready to think bigger?

Transition from ad hoc articles to joined up comms campaigns for a more coherent employee experience and better engagement.

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Out for Approval
Cluster your content icon

Cluster your content

Repeating core messages over time gets results. Ripple helps you reorganise ad hoc content into coherent campaigns. Now, you can map out and deliver primary and secondary messaging to teams at just the right time.

Gauge engagement icon

Gauge engagement

With our in-built analytics and an easy-to-use dashboard, you can stop searching for insights in raw data and start improving engagement using accurate analytics.

Lead with purpose icon

Lead with purpose

Every organisation has a purpose. Create joined-up comms around your Environmental, Social and Governance activities, then create engagement benchmarks and track improvements in each area over time.

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Delight your dev team

New tools can cause headaches but Ripple easily integrates with your existing IT infrastructure and our engineers handle set-up and configuration, leaving your developers free to focus elsewhere.

The tools you need for better internal communications campaigns

Unlimited active campaigns

Supports large-scale comms campaigns

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