SharePoint Intranets: Elevate your Digital Employee Experience

We specialise in SharePoint intranet solutions that engage, inspire and connect employees. Working across IT, internal communications and engagement teams, our expert Microsoft 365 consultants help organisations make the most of SharePoint as an intranet.

We know intranets aren’t one-size-fits all. Our range of SharePoint intranet services are flexible across business shapes, sizes, and challenges. Every intranet project we deliver is designed with employees at the forefront, to sit at the centre of organisations’ digital workplace.

SharePoint Online Intranets

We design and build modern intranets that maximise SharePoint’s out-of-the-box capabilities. Our team of consultants combine expert knowledge with our unique people-first approach to deliver first-class intranets that promote collaboration, productivity and communication.

Best for: Small to medium organisations looking for a quick, simple SharePoint intranet

Custom SharePoint Intranets

Our custom intranets take SharePoint to the next level. Using bespoke components and our own SharePoint-based products, we give internal communicators more flexibility, creativity and control than any intranet in a box solution.

Best for: Medium to enterprise organisations looking for more enhanced, tailored features

SharePoint Portal Sites

Our SharePoint portals help support business processes and initiatives outside of the global intranet. From HR sites, to learning hubs or change management centres, we can build portals for every scenario.

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Our Approach

It’s not just what we do that’s important. It’s how we do it. Our unique approach to SharePoint intranets puts employees firmly at the heart of every project.


Our people-first approach means every intranet project start with employees, not tech. By getting to know employees first, we can make the best technical recommendations and design the right solutions to solve their challenges.

Employee Experience

Intranets sit at the centre of the digital employee experience (EX). We build intranets with the wider EX strategy in mind, giving organisations a solid foundation to build from. With SharePoint underpinning the digital EX landscape, it opens the door to other tools like Microsoft Viva and Copilot.

User Experience

User experience (UX) is paramount to a successful intranet. Our in-house experts ensure every intranet is easy to use, accessible and – above all – designed to maximise employee engagement.

Training & Support

Once we’ve delivered an intranet, we’re always on hand to offer our help and expertise. We offer options for training and on-going support so help organisations get the most out of their new intranet.

Our SharePoint Products

Our in-house range of SharePoint add-on products have been built based on the things our customers ask for time and time again. Our products sit on top of SharePoint, are fully integrated with Microsoft 365, and are designed to enhance the SharePoint experience.


Enhance your intranet with better SharePoint design.


Manage and organise internal campaigns in SharePoint.


Streamlined, customisable access to employees’ most important tools and apps.

SharePoint Intranet Examples

Met Office's Award Winning Intranet

Learn how the Met Office delivered an award winning SharePoint intranet solution that champions accessibility and collaboration.
Screenshot of the Met Office intranet homepage

SharePoint Intranet Resources

How to Create a Killer Intranet Launch Campaign

Building your SharePoint intranet is one thing – launching it is another. Learn how to launch your new intranet with a bang with this guide from our partners at The Surgery.

A preview of some of the pages from the How to Create a Killer Intranet Launch Campaign guide

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How to Create a SharePoint Intranet

To create your ideal SharePoint intranet, we work with organisations through a series of phases.

First, we’ll get to know you. Through a series of workshops, we’ll understand your organisation, your people, your needs and challenges. This will help us define a roadmap to success.

With this knowledge under our belt, we’ll set about designing your intranet. We’ll get employees involved along the way, with feedback, testing and UX activities.

When everyone is happy with the design, we’ll move onto the build. Followed by more testing, training and an official handover.

Once your intranet is complete, we’ll be on hand with recommendations for the next stage of your modern workplace transformation.

SharePoint Intranet FAQs

How much does a SharePoint intranet cost?

If your organisation already has a Microsoft 365 licence, there’s no additional cost to use SharePoint as your intranet.

If you’re looking to work with a SharePoint partner like Silicon Reef to help with your intranet, there are lots of factors that contribute to cost. Things like number of employees, number of pages, and level of complexity can all impact the cost of a SharePoint intranet.

We offer a variety of options to suit most business needs. Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

How long does a SharePoint intranet take to build?

It depends. If your intranet just needs a facelift, we can do a design refresh in as little as seven days. If the intranet needs custom development, it’ll take longer.

If you’re working to a tight timeline, we can help create a phased approach to hit the most important milestones first.

Do you just build intranets?

What’s the difference between SharePoint out-of-the-box and custom intranets?

SharePoint out-of-the-box (OOTB) intranets make use of standard web parts developed by Microsoft. They’re included as part of your licence and don’t require an additional cost.

The good news is that OOTB web parts are always compatible with other Microsoft tools, (like Teams, Outlook or Viva), and will be aligned with future Microsoft updates. But, OOTB features are limited in functionality, are less customisable and may not align to your requirements or company branding.

Custom web parts can be tailored to meet organisations’ specific needs. This is ideal for larger organisations who have more complex requirements.

Custom webparts and third-party add-ons can often be integrated with Microsoft tools and other services like CRMs and HR platforms. Plus, custom webparts can often be branded to ensure consistency with look-and-feel.

However, having bespoke components build or using third-party tools will come with an extra price tag.

Can we use SharePoint for frontline workers?

Yes. Thanks to Viva Connections, organisations can now bring SharePoint intranet content straight into Teams. This makes it a great way to bring your frontline and field workers into the community.

What are some tips for a good SharePoint intranet?

We have plenty of tips to offer – but it comes down to the needs of individual organisations.

A common theme across organisations is content management. Having a good content governance strategy in place before you start populating your site with content is a key step towards intranet success.

For tips on how to make your intranet look great, check out our guide to SharePoint design.

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