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How to Build a Business Case for a Modern Intranet

A practical guide to help internal communicators secure the investment and buy-in needed for a new modern intranet.

Front cover of the guide to building an intranet business case

How to Build an Intranet Business Case: What’s Inside

Every seasoned internal communications professional understands the impact that a modern and collaborative intranet can have on employee engagement. But articulating that impact, particularly when trying to convince your senior stakeholders of the predicted return on investment, is no mean feat. This guide walks through six steps to prepare a top-notch business case that puts you in the best position to secure the investment and buy-in for your new modern intranet.

The digital employee experience (DEX) is more important than ever before, with employees of today expecting workplace tech to be on par with the platforms and applications they’re using outside of work.

Successful organisations create digital environments within which their employees can thrive. And a modern intranet is the foundation of an effective DEX, into which innovative platforms can be integrated.

In an age of increased digitisation, geographically dispersed workforces and hybrid working, a modern intranet is no longer just a ‘nice to have’. It underpins the DEX, providing a virtual hub and creating a platform for inclusive communication. And let’s not forget that around 80% of the world’s workforce is deskless, meaning digital workspaces are often more important than physical workspaces for building engagement and creating connections.

Gallagher’s State of the Sector 2024 report revealed that despite being the 2nd most used employee communication channel after email, intranets ranked 2nd from bottom in terms of effectiveness.

Things need to change.

Traditional corporate intranets are no longer fit for purpose in today’s digital age.

Introducing a scalable, flexible, collaborative intranet is a vital step in creating a DEX that meets the needs of the modern workforce. This guide helps you do just that.

The following six steps will help you secure budget and leadership buy-in for a new modern intranet by articulating its value, creating a proposal, and building a plan. Let’s jump in.

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