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We live and breath SharePoint. Our SharePoint services help medium and enterprise organisations make the most of everything SharePoint has to offer. From making SharePoint look great and engaging comms portals and intranets, to complex document management systems and data migration, we are your one-stop-shop for all your SharePoint needs.

Aside from SharePoint, we are all-round Microsoft 365 experts. Using SharePoint as the foundation, we help organisations deliver exceptional employee experiences with SharePoint, Viva, Power Platform and Copilot.

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Our SharePoint services help internal communicators, IT teams and functional heads get more from SharePoint.

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University of Leeds: Transforming Internal Communications

The University of Leeds consolidated their channels to create a new home for internal comms in SharePoint.

University of Leeds SharePoint intranet homepage

Met Office's Award Winning Intranet

Learn how the Met Office delivered an award winning SharePoint intranet solution that champions accessibility and collaboration.
Screenshot of the Met Office intranet homepage

Can I use SharePoint as an intranet?

Yes – SharePoint is widely used as an intranet. SharePoint has out-of-the-box or custom options to suit a range of budgets and timescales. SharePoint also offers seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 tools like Viva Engage and Teams for a fully rounded intranet experience.

Is SharePoint good for internal comms?

You can use SharePoint for internal comms, but there are some extra tools that comms and HR professionals can deploy to bring SharePoint to the next level. Ripple sits within SharePoint to give you access to simple design, planning and analytics tools to elevate your employee campaigns.

Can SharePoint improve productivity?

SharePoint can improve productivity in a number of ways. SharePoint’s content management tools allow your team to spend more time focused on their tasks and less time searching for information, whilst workflows help automate your businesses processes from simple tasks to complex workflows.

Is SharePoint easy for frontline workers to access?

Yes. If you enable Viva Connections, your deskless workers can access your SharePoint intranet content directly in Teams. 

It saves frontline staff from having to switch between multiple apps, and allows employees to digest important news content and resources in mobile-friendly way.

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