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Workplace Analytics – An Essential Tool For The New Normal

By Alex Graves, Managing Director, Co-Founder

Workplace Analytics – An Essential Tool For The New Normal
Workplace Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool that taps into the data generated by your employees everyday activity in Microsoft 365, and it works across your organisation, wherever they are 

With businesses across the globe transforming, embracing remote and flexible working, and changing the ways we engage with our employees and each other, it’s even more important to stay in touch and in tune with the way our workforce is working.  

The Workplace Analytics platform gathers data across your employees day-to-day activities as they collaborate on Teams, plan with Project, or analyse in Excel. It spins valuable data from across all activity on the Microsoft 365 platform – and all associated apps – into dashboards for you, presenting intelligent metrics in a dynamic way, giving you the opportunity to see patterns in employee activities. As a result, Workplace Analytics gives you a powerful tool to support your employees in improving their day-to-day experience and productivity.  

Workplace Analytics is more than just a reporting tool – it leads businesses to uncover new opportunities to improve and innovate 

The Workplace Analytics Data 

Just some of the questions Workplace Analytics can raise, and help you answer.

How are your teams working together? 

Workplace Analytics dashboards pull together information into meaningful packages. For example, a dashboard might look at how your employees are collaborating across your company. You can see how – by business unit, or department – people behave differently, choosing not to collaborate outside their department. You can highlight the teams where you need to encourage more cross-departmental communication and shared initiatives or highlight the successes of collaboration champions.  

Who are your influencing heroes? 

Influencers can be highly effective at driving cross-company change initiatives – these are the guys who make things happen. With Workplace Analytics you can identify the source of your most effective influencers. 

Are your employees finding time to recharge, have 1:1 time with their managers, and to collaborate? 

Companies with highly engaged employees have as much as 65% less attrition, have higher customer satisfaction and are more productive. Workplace Analytics dashboards can give you a route to regular monitoring of engagement across your business.  

How well do you connect with your customers? 

If employees spend time with customers it enables them to anticipate their needs and create more productive, valuable relationships. Workplace Analytics provides you with a macro view of employee/customer connections, giving you a view of how much time employees spend connecting with your client base.  

The Workplace Analytics Benefits 

Be the best you can be: streamline organisational effectiveness 

Built-in dashboards help to visualise insight data and track change and impact over time.  

  • See how people collaborate, identify positive patterns that lead to higher revenue and more effective management. 
  • Find areas where you can reduce organisational complexity or trim your processes.
  • Trim unnecessary collaboration and look at your meeting culture. 
  • Make processes more efficient. 
  • Give leaders the tools to drive excellence and development. 

Make change where it counts: inform, define and track transformation programmes 

Many businesses are reshaping changing working hours in light of flexible working or are diving into the way their employees communicate effectively. Use Workplace Analytics to define and track change initiatives.  

  • Surface company-wide data to inform initiatives and development. 
  • Drive improvements to diversity and inclusion approaches. 
  • Change the way, and frequency, of meeting and collaboration. 
  • Improve reporting, dashboards and KPIs at all levels. 
  • Think differently about the workspace and how it’s used. 

Innovate and create: use insight to create new solutions and services 

Improved knowledge can inform great creativity and innovation.  

  • Pull in new data to augment more behavioural insights from Office 365. 
  • Use dashboards to visualise data and reports from Power BI and other reporting tools. 
  • Create new tools and design solutions using Workplace Analytics data. 

As you would expect from Microsoft all of the Workplace Analytics data is safe and secure as well as compliant. 

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