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Take Control of Your Own Well-Being With MyAnalytics

By Alex Graves, Managing Director, Co-Founder

Take Control of Your Own Well-Being With MyAnalytics

2022 Update: MyAnalytics has been replaced by Viva Insights, and is the new home for all your productivity and wellbeing data.

When we work remotely it’s easy for the lines between professional and home lives to blur, or even break down altogether. We all need personal space, a feeling of connectedness, and time to focus to ensure personal wellbeing and achieve balance in our lives.

As a Microsoft 365 user you can take control by tapping into the benefit of the productivity insights powered by MyAnalytics. This highly personal tracking data – which can be accessed by you and you alone – gives you an invaluable insight into how you are spending your time and offers ways to tackle trends before they become issues.

MyAnalytics uses everyday data from Microsoft 365 to track and report on how you are spending your time, and can make a significant difference to how you plan and manage your work.

Microsoft MyAnalytics

Find your space

I’ve worked flexibly for years now but, since lockdown has kept me away from the office entirely, I noticed that I am finding it harder to find clear patches of down time, to unwind and clear my mind of all things Silicon Reef.

I’ve been using the wellbeing page in the MyAnalytics app to examine how I’m using my quiet time. MyAnalytics allows you to set specific hours and days as quiet time and then plays back to you how much collaboration activity (emails, calls, Teams chat, etc.) you have been doing in this time.

Last time I looked I had kept my quiet hours on exactly zero days… not one. This red flag showed me that I wasn’t giving myself clear breaks away from work. I wasn’t switching off and my wellbeing was definitely starting to suffer.

MyAnalytics offered me tailored suggestions to help me find more space in my week to take a break from work, recommending that I switch off notifications and plan my time away. I am now taking at least one night ‘off’ from checking mails and am already starting to feel the benefit. 

Tips: Plan your time away from work and use auto-reply, Teams status and your calendar to help you stick to it. Share your planned quiet hours with your team and they will thank you! Knowing that you will only be emailing them in these hours in the direst of emergencies will help them to wind down and achieve their own balance.

Own it

When you work flexibly, as so many of us now do, creating a clear delineation between work and personal down time is essential for reducing stress and minimising any anxiety. Equally, understanding how you are working – and how you are balancing your focus and collaboration time – can help empower you to take ownership of your own working day.

The focus and collaboration pages help you see whether you have enough uninterrupted time in the week to get your work done, and how much time you are spending in collaboration with others. 

Through focus, collaboration and wellbeing, MyAnalytics can help you understand your natural patterns, those key times when you regularly engage with work. This can help you – if it’s possible – to rearrange your day to capitalise on the times when you are most engaged and productive by making these your focused times, as well as pointing out the periods when collaboration through chat, Teams calls and meetings can energise you or give you a break. 

Tips: Make your focus time count by turning off notifications and refraining from checking emails. You can adjust your quiet hours through the mobile app, or even just mute notifications. Get the most from your collaboration time by grouping meetings together in your calendar at a time when you naturally like to start a call or engage in chat.

Stay connected

Feeling connected while working remotely has an incredibly positive impact on well-being and mental health, and Microsoft Teams enables individuals to build and maintain connections across geographies, time zones and disciplines. Combining this with MyAnalytics helps you optimise those connections, identify colleagues that may be feeling disconnected, and pull in new connections to collaborate with.

The MyAnalytics Network page gives an at-a-glance, visual representation of the people you interact with, highlighting top and active collaborators and suggesting important people for you to connect with. You can also see your read frequency and response times for specific collaborators, allowing you to pick up patterns in engagement and attention and tackle them quickly. 

Tips: Make time to nurture and grow your network, for your personal advancement and better productivity. Spend time with important collaborators, because these are the people in your network who MyAnalytics have identified as best aligning with your top priority tasks and they are more likely to be able to support and accelerate your project’s success.

A simple, visual and effective tool, MyAnalytics is just one of the many ways that Microsoft 365 supports individuals, teams and businesses to collaborate productively and Work Happy without losing focus on individual wellbeing.

Questions about My Analytics? Contact us now to find out more about how M365 and SharePoint can help your business to connect and thrive.

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