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Introducing Beacon

Introducing Beacon

The missing piece of the SharePoint puzzle. Get ready to see what Beacon can do for your internal brand.

We hear it all the time – SharePoint is limiting. It’s not visually pleasing, doesn’t offer design flexibility, and often curbs your creativity. As SharePoint experts, we know this to be the difficult truth, so we did something about it. As Microsoft Gold Partners we fully believe in the power SharePoint has to unify an organisation through engagement and collaboration. But we also know that it’s missing that wow factor. We set to work with our team of brilliant people earlier this year and together are now bringing you Beacon. Our answer to SharePoint’s missing WOW.

Beacon is a set of seven components created for internal comms, IT, HR professionals, and brand ambassadors who are looking to significantly improve SharePoint’s visual and creative capabilities.

But that’s not all it brings. Beacon also delivers both engagement and buy-in through much-improved internal branding, accessibility and inclusivity.

The shake-up we’ve seen in employee retention and employees’ increasingly important need to feel a connection to the company they work for has shown us the importance of businesses’ colleague facing brand. With enterprise organisations spending millions on branding their offices to inspire a warm feeling of pride, we think it’s time to put the same emphasis on replicating the same experience digitally. SharePoint offers the platform to do so, but it’s Beacon that will ensure your company’s branding is delivered in the same compelling, emotion-inducing way as an in-person experience. And with digital internal branding, you also offer employees the opportunity to take ownership and become active brand champions themselves.

Our current client work has allowed us to also focus on accessibility and inclusivity. Topics that are rarely discussed but are vital for a successful digital transformation. What may seem part of a legal compliance ‘to do’ list, the gains go far beyond the need to meet government guidelines. The greatest benefits of an accessible communication hub and the tools that surround it is that they can often be more usable and engaging for all staff and can serve to bring people together regardless of circumstance or location.

Let’s break it down.

Beacon has seven components that sit within your SharePoint intranet.

Showcase Banner

Showcase Banner

Create bold banners

Image Hotspots

Image Hotspot

Interactive images

Section Designs

Section Designs

Branded backgrounds

Branding customiser

Branding Customiser

Stay on brand

Content spotlight

Content Spotlight

Promote priority content

Rich Content

Rich Content+

Upgrade architecture

Media Experience

Media Experience

Embed better media from 1,800+ sources

These seven components make up the ideal suite of tools to deliver immediate impact on your company’s internal messaging across your SharePoint intranet.

We’ve already begun seeing the impact Beacon can make on internal brands and employee engagement with some of our partners at Christie’s, Willmott Dixon and Santen Pharmaceuticals.

What’s stopping you from seeing first-hand all that Beacon can do?

60 Minute Refresh

Book with us today, and get ready to see Beacon in action.

Our team will take just 60 minutes to show you what your SharePoint intranet could look like by using Beacon. As you watch, we will apply your company branding and content and present a fully transformed and refreshed design.

No cost. No commitment. Just the wow factor.

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