We challenge you to embrace a new way of working using technology. We challenge you to Work Happy.

The workplace is changing, and people are welcoming a modern way of working driven by flexibility and balance. We help companies build modern workplaces with Microsoft 365 by listening to employees to understand what helps them stay productive, connected and happy.

Our Approach

  • Research
  • Tech
  • Outcome
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We work with organisations to understand their people, culture, and how their teams work best. This information helps to shape solutions that enable better ways of working.

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We utilise the power of Microsoft 365, helping companies select and embed the right tools for their business. And when there isn’t an exact fit, we create bespoke products around specific challenges.

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We support global organisations in their transition to a new way of working. The outcome is happier, engaged and more productive teams.

Attitudes to Working

In amidst the hardships of the pandemic, the past two years have opened our eyes to a different way of working and shown us a life of balance and more personal choice. Employees have woken up, and they are calling for change. 



want to work from home in some form
miss the tech needed to work effectively from home
will consider leaving without the option of flexible working
felt they had more time during the day
Working from home, I feel more happy and productive .

Benefits For Your Team

  • Freedom and flexibility to work in a way that suits each individual
  • The tools your teams need to do their job efficiently and easily
  • Greater connection to the organisation and each other
  • Better work life balance

Benefits For Your Business

  • Inspired and motivated teams
  • Better connection and visibility
  • Improved employee retention
  • Greater productivity
  • Speed of organisational growth
  • Improved profitability

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