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Silicon Reef Acquires Internal Comms Management Product Ripple

Silicon Reef Acquires Internal Comms Management Product Ripple

Announcing the acquisition of unique internal communications campaign product Ripple, another significant step in the strategic growth plan for the employee-focused Microsoft Solutions agency.   

Founded in 2017, Silicon Reef is a leading Microsoft Solutions agency, empowering businesses and their teams to Work Happy. Today, we are thrilled to announce the addition of a new internal communications campaign product, Ripple, to the Silicon Reef offering. Ripple integrates seamlessly into the Microsoft suite of tools – including Viva, SharePoint and Teams – and perfectly complements our professional and managed services to provide clients with an end-to-end employee comms and engagement solution.

So, what is Ripple? 

Ripple is an experience-led campaign management product, with a people-first interface built to empower internal comms teams. Its simple-to-use tools allow users to plan, execute and measure the engagement of enticing, visually exciting internal comms messages.

Ripple is unfussy, clear and straightforward making it easy for busy teams to focus on crafting inspiring stories that draw their people together, building loyalty and understanding across their organisation. This sits perfectly with Silicon Reef’s ethos: empowering internal comms teams to do their best work every day with ease and enabling great communication across organisations – the lynchpin of great employee engagement.   

Ripple provides an intuitive suite of world-class capabilities from planning and creation to scheduling and management of internal comms campaigns. It helps teams tackle everything from the smallest announcement to large, strategic communication campaigns designed to encourage shifts in company culture or deliver long-term change. 

Most excitingly Ripple delivers a unique in-situ Campaign Dashboard for internal comms teams, where users can monitor levels of engagement, see reactions and measure sentiment against messages, campaigns and themes. This kind of highly-relevant, meaningful insights – delivered within the product itself – is extremely valuable to communications professionals looking to continually improve messaging and ensure the most effective campaigns.

Silicon Reef CEO, Alex Graves said of the news “Acquiring the Ripple product is a natural and exciting step in Silicon Reef’s growth plan. Ripple sits perfectly within the Silicon Reef offering, connecting people, improving the way they work and communicate, and enabling them to share their stories. It also provides a unique way for our customers to listen to their employees. This is everything that Silicon Reef is about – empowering, engaging, and inspiring employees to Work Happy every day.”  

Ripple works for you, making it easy for you to deliver campaigns that matter and stories that inspire.

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