Akumina’s intranet-in-a-box solution hails from the US and sets itself apart from its competitors by being modern SharePoint Framework (SPFx) ready. The modular, mobile-first solution is usually most appropriate for medium to large-scale organisations that want a great intranet experience with minimum effort, and are prepared to pay an annual fee.

Why you need it

You need a clean, efficient and fit-for-purpose intranet but you don’t have the time or investment capital to build from scratch. You have a clear brand and don’t have the need to work a bespoke internal design from the ground up. Or maybe you have a SharePoint Intranet in place but it’s grown organically and has become unwieldy and inefficient, you need a solution that’s quick and efficient to deploy.

What you get

Akumina connects multiple departments within one business all in one mainframe making it extremely easy to improve engagement and productivity across employees. It connects actionable data from multiple disparate business systems and can lead to reduced wait times, improve organisational effectiveness, and encourage data and content reuse.

As one of only two partners in the UK, and a handful in Europe, Silicon Reef can help you grow your intranet and take full advantage of the power of Akumina for your digital transformation.