Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Migration

Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Migration

Just the idea of a SharePoint migration can give most businesses the chills. All that data to transfer, all that new functionality to define, all those users to retrain…Our tried and tested approach to Microsoft 365 migration will leave you wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.


For full Microsoft 365 migration projects, and SharePoint migrations, we start with an evaluation of your current landscape, from reviewing your information architecture to assessing your GDPR compliance. The audit is the perfect time to review your current adoption of the Microsoft 365 tools, so we can recommend which new tools you might want to add, and design a rollout approach that fits your culture and values.


Microsoft 365 gives us all the tools we need, and our experience with Microsoft 365 migration projects has taught us how to apply these tools to support all your governance requirements. With an eye on maintaining an unburdened project structure, and minimising the impact on your business operations, we define a governance approach that meets your industry and regulatory requirements, and keeps you plugged into the change.

Technology Selection & Consultancy

One of the key benefits of Microsoft 365 is the vast array of tools available to you. But we understand that one of the blockages to a successful Microsoft 365 adoption can be the vast array of tools available, as there are so many to choose from.

Even the most sophisticated business can stumble when it comes to navigating the Microsoft ecosystem. As experts with years of experience and knowledge of the ever-evolving Microsoft platform, we are the guides that help you cut through. The starting point to any Microsoft or SharePoint migration is understanding your people and culture. We look at the path to adoption and shape a design that maximizes your investment, with a clear roadmap to get you there.

Start your migration

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