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Why You Should Care About Microsoft Viva

Series 3 - Episode 2

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Series 3, Episode 2 – Martin Day and Alex Graves

Work Happy Podcast: S3 – Episode 2

Microsoft Viva – Microsoft’s employee experience platform – is an incredibly powerful suite of apps. But, to many it presents a dizzying array of tools and we often hear from customers how the sheer volume of apps, updates and features has proven overwhelming and confusing. 

That’s where Silicon Reef’s very own Martin Day comes in, joining Alex Graves this week on the Work Happy podcast to simplify Microsoft Viva and why it truly matters to your business.

We’ll hear how to pick the modules that best suit your organisation, how to get started with exploring Microsoft Viva, allay fears that it’s the ‘death of the intranet’, and much more.

This episode covers:

  • What is Microsoft Viva and why your business should care
  • Which Microsoft Viva modules can deliver the most value to your team
  • How to measure the adoption of these tools
  • Pitfalls to avoid when implementing Microsoft Viva


It’s more than doughnut Thursdays

“It’s not just about having doughnut Thursdays or free coffee in the kitchen any more, we need to be making sure that we’re providing the right tools and the right experience when they’re distributed geographically around the world.”


It’s not all brand new

“Some of these things aren’t necessarily brand new into the Microsoft suite. They’ve always been there. They’re just giving them a rebranding and a badging to say, actually, it’s all part of this Viva employee experience platform, and this is how they all tie together.”


Choose what’s right for your organisation

“The first step is thinking and accepting that I don’t have to just decide now I’m going to have all of Viva or I’m going to reject it, because I don’t understand it. Have a look at each module and think about what is right for my organisation, what should I be looking at and putting on to my long term digital strategy? ”


No one-size-fits-all

“I don’t think there’s gonna be a one size fits all for anyone. In our organisation and our industry, knowledge management is quite key, where that won’t be true for everyone just because of the nature of the work they’re doing.”


Microsoft Viva powers Work Happy

“What Work Happy has always been about within Silicon Reef, and what we try to deliver for our customers, is using technology to positively impact the day to day for people. Viva is just another suite of tools that we’ve now got in our arsenal to deliver a better working experience and employee experience.”


Getting continual feedback

“Within two or three years, 50% of the workforce might not have been there when you rolled Viva out. We need to be making sure that we’re getting continual feedback on how it’s being used, and how it could better be used.”


Don’t be intimidated

“Don’t be intimidated by the Viva suite. Break it down. Look at each module, and ask the question of, do I need this? Why do I need this? Think about which modules you can benefit from, ignore the others, and be okay with ignoring the others.”


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