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Series 3 - Episode 4

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Series 3, Episode 4 – Craig Smith

Work Happy Podcast: S3 – Episode 4

A brand’s vision and values are integral to the decisions made day to day, but are they imparted onto a business, or rather uncovered to already lie within their DNA?

Being over 14 years into a journey of helping businesses share the big picture, Craig Smith – Founder of The Big Picture People – joins us on this week’s episode of Work Happy.

He takes us through the importance of defining and aligning values between the business and its people, how to share stories with increased visibility of our business leaders, and much more.

This episode covers

  • Defining personal values and organisational values, and tying the two together
  • Company values not being imposed on a business, but uncovered within
  • Use of storytelling to convey a brand vision
  • Curating a culture of collaboration
  • The need to flex to meet the needs of your organisation, and vice versa
  • Getting the values off the wall and into the business


Using Values to Help Make Decisions

“The company values are what we collectively think is important to us to help us to achieve our objectives, then how do we use those values to make better decisions. Ultimately, that’s what organisation values are – they’re route markers, compass points that can help us to make those decisions.”


Uncovering What Already Exists

“We can go on away days and spend time wordsmithing values – are we creating them from scratch, or just uncovering what already exists?”


Value Misalignment

“If you’re kind of saying one thing on your external marketing, and people are working in the organisation and there’s a misalignment there, then for a start, they’re going to feel fairly sceptical about whether we believe in either of those messages.”


Seeing Leaders as Humans

“There’s been an increased visibility of some of the more senior people within organisations. It was peeling back the layers and seeing these people as humans.”


Importance of Diversity, Inclusion & Sustainability

“I think more people coming into the workplace now are going to want to work for an organisation that, at the very least, doesn’t do any harm, and at the very best is doing good for diversity, inclusion, sustainability, all of those sorts of things.”


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