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The Art of ‘Do More with Less’

Series 3 - Episode 5

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Series 3, Episode 5 – Alex Graves and Martin Day

Work Happy Podcast: S3 – Episode 5

In the world of modern work efficiency is the name of the game. Enter: the ‘Do More With Less’ ethos.

Microsoft have been encouraging organisations to ‘Do More With Less’, a message which stems back to Microsoft’s consolidation of multifaceted tools into a single source. Microsoft Viva, for example. 

But what does ‘Do More With Less’ really mean? And how can organisations embed that ethos without impacting their teams? 

Martin Day returns to the Work Happy podcast to share how Microsoft’s tools are evolving, and how you can use their growing services to do more with less.

This episode covers:

  • Modern work tools’ focus on becoming a single source service
  • The ‘Do More With Less’ concept, and how it avoids overworking teams
  • How you can consolidate your existing tools into Microsoft 365’s growing offering
  • Microsoft Viva’s role in the future of Microsoft’s services
  • Top tips for organisations looking to focus on doing more with less


It’s all about Teams

“It’s all about Teams, Teams, Teams, Teams. That’s what Microsoft had in mind for Teams long before the pandemic. It was going to be the single source of all things that you need to do your job.”


It’s not about overworking

“‘Do more with less’ is not about overworking and pushing people to their boundaries. It’s about helping people to understand, there are tools available to them that they can use more.”


Consolidating your tools

“It’s not just looking at how you can be more productive using the tools, it’s how you may be able to actually consolidate some of your estate into a single Microsoft 365 service and get more out of it.”


All-encompassing IT solution

“Now I think Microsoft 365 has reached a point of maturity where it really can be an all-encompassing IT solution from a collaboration point of view, as well as security, HR, employee experience and all of those things.”


Make use of a partner

“Definitely I would suggest a partner would be well placed to come in and guide you through that process and help you understand what it is you’ve got available to you in 365, because it’s ever changing.”


Change your mindset

“You can’t really change anything significant in terms of consolidating or increasing productivity by using the tools and services available, without having a change mindset.”


Getting ROI

“We need to be making sure that we are using the technology efficiently from a direct sense in the return on direct investment, but using it to support our people to ensure that we’re getting the return on investment in our people as well.”


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