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Yammer is the social space for your organisation.
Share company-wide communications, build communities for like-minded employees and host town halls. Yammer helps you deliver dynamic communication across your organisation.

With Yammer you can…


Create communities for employees to connect on shared interests


Tell stories and share news from across your business


Host live and on-demand events for up to 20,000 attendees


Deliver dynamic communications to every employee to boost engagement

How we can help

We can help you to understand how Yammer fits within your digital workplace, and build solutions that make the most of Yammer’s comms and community tools. Our services include

  • Consultancy & Insight
  • Rollout & Adoption
  • Support & Training

What’s the difference between Yammer and Teams?

Yammer and Teams are both chat-based apps, but they have very different purposes. Teams is focused on work-based conversations, with smaller groups for department or project conversations. Yammer is a more social space for company-wide announcements, connecting on common interests and sharing pet pictures!

Do I need both Yammer and Teams?

You can add the Yammer Communities app to Teams so you can experience the benefits of both platforms directly in Teams. Using Yammer and Teams is great for keeping ‘work chat’ and ‘water-cooler chat’ separate, especially in enterprise organisations with lots of Channels, Communities and chats.

What sort of events can I host with Yammer?

With Yammer you can host live events for up to 20,000 people – think town halls and all-hands meetings. You can set up your event, assign Producers, Moderators, Speakers and Attendees, and promote your event through your other Microsoft 365 platforms like Teams and SharePoint.

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Discussing Yammer

To find out more about our Yammer services or to discuss an upcoming project, book a meeting with one of our M365 experts.