Complementing our previous post on the benefits of UX design, we share the key areas of focus for a well-designed user experience. The same principles need to be carried through to the mobile web app, where we believe a good UX design can be even more critical, due to working on a smaller screen. 


The design has to be easy for the employees to understand from the instant they land on the page. It must be visually self-explanatory for employees to be competent in using the interface without being intimidating. The application needs to focus on displaying useful content and therefore should include enough information in an easily digestible format.  The navigation should get the user where they need to go, with clear, well-defined paths and decision points. 


It should be easy for users to achieve their objective. Users should at all times know where they are, and what they need to do to get to their destination. The whole purpose of a UX design is to ensure it makes work-life easy and hassle-free. Bring it back to the basics – even the “burger bar” or 3 lined- Menu button that has begun to pop up everywhere still may not come across as an obvious design for the Menu button to some users. 


Make it memorable. It must be easy to recall the interface functionality and where everything is located. Good design means the users should remember the workflow of the information and the different ways in which they can show the information