Providing best-in-class functionality and tools to our customers and clients enables us to reduce your costs and ease your journey to a flexible workplace. Opt for standarised tools for common business needs and you can quickly deploy and customise with confidence.

Our range of internal products and established partnerships allows us to quickly and accurately meet many common business requirements with out-of-the-box solutions.

From ready-to-go intranets to bulk document management, our product solutions have been developed in-house or hand-picked from industry leaders to give you straightforward SharePoint and Microsoft 365 implementation with minimum business impact.



Scryber puts your data to work for your organisation. Bridging the gap between optimizing storage in the cloud, and being able to store and access vital documents and spreadsheets when you need to, this is an advanced PDF generation tool for designers, developers and site authors.

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Much-anticipated Assemble is the ultimate meeting management tool, fully integrated with your sites and Microsoft 365 products. The product is currently under development but is due for launch this year.

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Product Library

With huge value for any retail-based business, Product Library provides a SharePoint-based shopping-style experience for business users; categorise, catalogue, find and amend key product range information easily and intuitively.

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Silicon Reef are proud to be one of only two companies in the UK accredited to provide and support Akumina on your SharePoint Intranet. This is a US developed, intranet-in-a-box solution which sets itself apart from its competitors by being completely modern SharePoint Framework (SPFx) ready.

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An out-of-the-box intranet solution based on the SharePoint platform that can be deployed in mere days, Attollo can get you established on your intranet journey quickly, with minimum risk and little-to-no business impact.

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