If you are a follower of our blog you’ll already know why we love Teams but guess what? There’s an even more practical, user-centric way for remote workers and colleagues on-the-move to get the most from Teams.  

The Teams Mobile App was developed in response to the way we communicate and access information on a daily basis. Whether working remotely, on a client site, travelling by train, waiting at an airport we lift our phones and check in. Social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are accessed predominantly via mobile, and it makes sense that you would be able to access your Team workspaces, chat, keep up with projects, and see the latest briefings, in the same way. 

But more than just presenting a mobile-friendly view of Teams functions, the Teams Mobile App offers some nifty standalone features.  

Here are just some of the reasons why we believe the MS Teams Mobile App rocks: 

Quiet Hours 

One of the challenges for remote workers – and we have a high proportion here at Silicon Reef – is setting boundaries for their working day. Working with colleagues in different locations, time zones or job roles can mean that you can easily slip into the habit of working all hours of the day and night. By setting Quiet Hours and Quiet Days on the Teams mobile app you can manage your incoming communications to, say, 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday.  

Anyone messaging you during your pre-set Quiet times will see that you are Unavailable, managing their expectations for a response and ensuring tasks don’t slip needlessly. 

Having this level of control can have a significant positive impact on how you alleviate work related stress, and also give colleagues clear and consistent guidelines as to when you are available. 

Microsoft Teams Mobile App - create group chats, share voice messages and access the cloud.

Audio Messaging  

You may already be using similar features in WhatsApp and SMS messaging, but the ability to send audio messages in Teams chat is a brilliant alternative to typing.  

Maybe you need to stay hands-free (because you are cooking, walking, or even driving – safely!) or you want to convey a particular tone that text alone just can’t deliver (sarcasm anyone?). It could be that you simply hate using mobile text. Voice messaging is often preferred in regions with multiple regional dialects, it lends your unique personality to a message and means you can pass on a lot of information in a short time.   

Voice messages appear in your chat thread so you and your colleagues can return to them whenever you want. 

Share Content While In Meeting 

By far our favourite feature is the ability to share content in a meeting or a call when you are away from your desktop or laptop.  

Not only can you run an entire presentation using PowerPoint slides, videos or photos, you can also share your phone screen to show call attendees your phone view. This opens up a world of possibilities. Attend or run more meetings, regardless of location, and feel confident that being on the move doesn’t mean you have to take a 2nd class seat in meetings, able only to hear the chat and missing out on the visuals.

Teams for Mobile makes sure that you and your staff can move through the working day in the way that best suits your organisation. It helps to maximise employee engagement, without compromising on communication and connectivity. 

Microsoft Teams Mobile App