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How Flexi-Work Changes Employee Engagement for the Better

by Alex Graves, Founder & Director

How Flexi-Work Changes Employee Engagement for the Better

Recently, I listened to a segment about people today in their early 20s having a shorter attention span compared with those born in the 1980s. The reason was pinned on mobile technology and apps that encourage bitesized information sharing and high use of images and video e.g. Twitter, Instagram, snap chat.  

This way of communicating in our daily lives has impacted, in most cases, the way in which we now desire to work. A modern-day employee expects not only a positive work-life balance but also to communicate with their company in the way they communicate in their daily lives. 

Tools for the modern workforce

Combining a shorter attention span with the desire to work in an agile and flexible method, the tools that a business needs to provide must cater for this new way of working.  

Microsoft, Google and other cloud-based tools are being adopted by enterprises, but in my experience, there is a lack of focus on making sure employees know how to use them for productivity and understanding what to use when and why 

We speak to organisations who are trying to drive down email communication with a goal of increasing collaborative conversations through inclusivity and ‘working out loud.’ However, the modern employee is already joining the organisation looking for tools that enable quick communication with colleagues or customers. This emergence in popularity of tools in the workplace that reflect life outside of work are driven by the modern worker.  

Microsoft Teams and Yammer are growing in adoption by enterprises, but what tools should be used and when? Silicon Reef have broken down the most effective ways to drive employee engagement and work productivity using Microsoft 365 tools. You can read up on all the details in our guide Creating O365 Employee Engagement. 

The workplace needs to adapt for the modern employee

Flexible working is just the start of what the modern workforce demands from employers. A balance between career and lifestyle, from wherever the worker may be, is now an effective employment model. A study by Glassdoor, reported in Forbes found that 87% of employees expect the employer to support their work life balance. An employer is responsible for finding the balance between flexible working with optimum output. Maintaining an engaged workforce requires trust and a common understanding between the ways of working in order to meet the company vision.  

Our conception of wellness must go beyond traditional health measures (Glassdoor). Although the idea of work-life balance is frequently misunderstood, employees are looking for support in the non-work areas of their lives. Employers can help by offering flexible work schedules and encouraging employees to utilise vacation time. 

Let’s bring it home 

I’ve worked from home for 7 years and know how important it is to still interact with people, beyond the instant messaging and video conferencing.  

A geographic disparate workforce is great for a company to bring in talent from anywhere in the world, but keeping the dispersed employees engaged in the mission and values of a company is always a challenge.  

At Silicon Reef, we are spread from Cornwall in the south west of England, to London and to the north east of Newcastle. We use the tools of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint intranet to keep in touch on a weekly basis as a whole company but meet in-person each quarter at one of our office hubs. This getting together is so valuable to share information but to also get to know each other as individuals, which makes working together when at our own locations easier.  We help our clients’ teams to work in the same way we do. Helping them to define the right tools for their business.  

The flexible, modern workplace is evolving to cater for new ways of working and keeping employees engaged and motivated to drive company vision. The tools that are available for the modern workplace enable this, but it is the employer’s responsibility to steer the workforce through the changes and promote benefits of a work-life balance for wellbeing.  

Let us help your team communicate better and more efficiently. Give us a call today.

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