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Power Apps turns ideas into real solutions.
With Power Apps, your employees are empowered to create their own solutions to their biggest challenges. Build custom apps to revolutionise your business processes and help your employees work smarter.

With Power Apps you can…


Build professional-level apps with ease


Streamline your business processes and boost productivity


Speed up change with apps that can be built in hours, not months


Integrate with other business apps like Jira, Salesforce and DocuSign

How we can help

We can help you design and build Power Apps to suit your business or provide training to your team to build their own. Our services include:

  • Consultancy & Insight
  • Rollout & Adoption
  • Support & Training

What sort of apps can I build in Power Apps?

Power Apps can be used to build a range of apps. Some use cases include employee onboarding, expense approvals, service or support requests, returning to work, or crisis communications. Power Apps isn’t just for IT purposes – Power Apps can support a range of departments and business units.

How much does Power Apps cost?

Power Apps is included with all business Microsoft 365 subscriptions, so you don’t need to pay extra to use it. This means you’ll be able to use Power Apps in conjunction with the rest of your Microsoft digital workplace, including SharePoint, Teams and the Viva modules.

Do I need coding skills to use Power App?

You don’t need coding skills to use Power Apps. Power Apps is low-code, which means you don’t need to have the skills of a developer to build them. If you do have more advanced skills, you can push Power Apps further and build more technical apps.

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To find out more about Power Apps, or to discuss an upcoming project, book a meeting with a member of our team.