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Microsoft UX & SharePoint Design Services

Happy, empowered and informed employees are more likely to perform at their best.
A deep understanding of what matters most to your team is the key to developing valuable experiences that will boost engagement, productivity and ultimately help them to work happy.

Our Microsoft UX and SharePoint design services are all about making sure your Microsoft modern workplace meets your employees’ needs – whether it’s your SharePoint intranet, a knowledge management system or an employee training hub. UX is at the heart of every one of our projects and underpins every step of our process.

But why is UX important?

Our Microsoft UX and SharePoint design services help bridge the gap between what you want and what your employees need. Often, bringing in an outside perspective can help you uncover problems and needs that are hard to identify from within your organisation. This makes sure that your project delivers maximum results by solving the right problem, for the right people, in the right way.

And, as an added bonus, taking the time to get UX and design right can really pay off when it comes to driving adoption. Employees who are given the opportunity to engage and give their input are much more likely to become champions of your new product further down the line.

What does UX look like?

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Discovery is where we define the problem, who your project will impact, what their goals are and what your vision for the future is. With research activities like interviews, focus groups and surveys, Discovery makes sure we are all heading in the same direction.
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Define is where we take our learnings and turn it into something tangible. We take the data, condense it, and present it in a way that makes sense to you. This could be personas, or user stories, and helps us start to map out the best solutions to meet your needs.
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Whether it’s a SharePoint intranet design or another Microsoft UX solution, this is where we put our learnings into practice. With wireframes and prototypes, our team bring your project to life with user-centred designs crafted to put your people first.
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Testing is key to any UX process. We test our solutions or SharePoint designs with your employees to ensure usability and accessibility, test design variations, and gather feedback. With these findings, we can make recommendations and suggestions for continuous improvement.

Are you ready to explore UX?

If you want to explore UX as part of a new or current project, our team can help you get started.