Scryber takes your digital data source as an input and creates a PDF from a tailored template, allowing you to output standard documents across your orgaisation.  Simply put, you can automate the creation, approval and distribution of your PDFs from the Scryber PDF Studio.

Why you need it

Your business users are spending valuable time collating reports in Word or Excel from multiple data sources, and formatting them to send out to various stakeholders, either for approvals or to share externally. You need a solution to automate, standarise and simplify the process.

Scryber can save valuable time across your organisation by standarising communications and systemising reporting to improve efficiencies and engagement. Free up the time of your expert workforce by significantly reducing the need for repetitive, basic tasks.

What you get

Deploy Scryber, set up templates (or select from a suite of standard, out-the-box templates) and simply plug in your data sources to automate reports, or documents, for distribution across your internal or external users.

Scryber is perfect for creating documents across:

  • Health and safety
  • Certifications
  • Regular reports, charts and grids
  • Survey result collation
  • Newsletters
  • Address labels,
  • And many more