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Knowledge and Expertise

Viva Topics is all about connecting your people to knowledge.
Topics curates your content and knowledge into meaningful topics, such as projects, customers, or teams. Using topic cards and pages Viva Topics surfaces this information across Microsoft 365, helping your employees find what they need without leaving the flow of work.

With Viva Topics you can…


Group your knowledge into topics that make sense to your people


Search and discover information from across your business


Identify and connect with subject experts within your organisation


Build team and individual knowledge with access to all your organisational intelligence

How we can help

We can help you maximise the power of your organisational knowledge with Viva Topics. Our range of Topics services include:

  • Consultancy & Insight
  • Rollout & Adoption
  • Support & Training

How does Viva Topics work?

Viva Topics uses AI to search for and identify common topics within your organisation. Topics then compiles information on each topic, like a description, relevant files, and subject experts within your organisation. Contributors and Knowledge Managers will also be able to edit existing topics, and add new ones.

Is Viva Topics a knowledge management tool?

Viva Topics can be used for knowledge management. Topics gathers and organises your organisational knowledge and makes it accessible across Microsoft 365, in tools like Teams and SharePoint. Topics gives your people access to all the knowledge they need, without having to jump between apps or spend hours searching for information.

How much does Viva Topics cost?

Viva Topics is the only Viva module that is not included within your standard Microsoft 365 plan – you will need an additional subscription to the Viva Suite. The extra subscription gives you full access to Viva Topics, plus additional features in Viva Learning and Viva Insights.

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To find out more about our Viva Topics services or to discuss an upcoming project, book a meeting with one of our Viva experts.