Workplace Insights uses data about your employees everyday work in M365 to help you identify themes and patterns in collaboration.   

This incredibly powerful toolset gives you the information you need to be able to plan and design solutions, practices and schedules that help your employees to Work Happy. Workplace Insights data helps you improve productivity, workforce effectiveness, and employee engagement. MyAnalytics also gives individuals themselves a highly personal view of their own working patterns, and the tools to help them better manage their time to be their most productive and strike the right balance.    


The business benefits of using Workplace Insights include: 

  • Empowering all employees to design their own working best practice model. 
  • Gaining a company-wide understanding of actual behaviours without disrupting the way people work.
  • Being able to adapt working practices in response to real trends and measure impact in a continuous improvement cycle. 
  • Improving employees work life balance and enhancing overall wellbeing by maximising personal value from meetings, productivity and collaboration time. 



Microsoft Workplace Insights gathers and reports on data from activities across M365, and MyAnalytics tracks personal activities across your Microsoft collaborative apps.  

  • Metrics are based on external and internal collaboration hours, meeting hours, and network size. 
  • Administrators can upload Organisational Data to group and filter employees and understand how behaviours correspond to employee attributes. 
  • Workplace Insights uses metadata such as when and where items are sent, subject lines and meeting attendee status to generate metrics related to email usage, meetings, Teams instant messages, and calls. 
  • Analyse collaboration patterns based on employee interaction in terms of meetings, emails, after hours work, double booking, multitasking etc. 


  • Week in the life: Get a high-level look at weekly collaboration in your organisation. 
  • Meetings overview: Evaluate the behaviours associated with low quality meetings. 
  • Management and coaching: Look at how much time employees are spending with managers. 
  • Internal networks: Uncover how employees and groups are connecting within the organisation. 
  • External collaboration: Explore how employees collaborate with contacts outside your organisation. 
  • Teams collaboration: Discover how your organisation uses Microsoft Teams for collaboration. 
  • Custom data queries: Build your own query around individuals, meetings or groups of peopleProduce scores combined with behavioural metrics and integrate with data from Dynamics 365.  

Workplace Insights Plans

  • Plans allow your organisation to transform insights gained from collaboration metrics into actions. A Plan combines team goal-setting and tracking with useful nudges in MyAnalytics to shift ways of working. 
  • Focus plan: Helps participants get more time to do deep dive work and reclaim their calendar for work that matters most. 
  • Collaboration plan: Helps participants reduce the number of excessive meetings that the group schedules. 
  • Wellbeing plan: Helps participants unwind and protect their personal time by disconnecting in their off-hours. 
  • Seller success plan: Helps participants prioritize time, increase network quality and size, and connect with the right roles. 


  • Workplace Insights only looks at header level data, default to anonymised data and privacy scenarios. 
  • Workplace Insights can be configured to exclude groups of people based on data such as job role, department or geography.


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