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Introducing MyTools: Your Tools at Your Fingertips

Introducing MyTools: Your Tools at Your Fingertips

Say hello to MyTools, a brand new app built by Silicon Reef that helps your organisation and your employees save time, boost productivity and stay organised with one safe place to store and access all your business tools.

What is MyTools?

MyTools is a new app accessible via SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva that acts as a launchpad to all your company’s approved business tools.

Whether it’s a third-party app, internal tool or just a URL, all the tools your employees need are securely stored and easily accessible in one central location.

Why MyTools?

Employees lose 9 hours a week searching for the things they need to do their job. That’s a big hit on productivity. And, our customers were finding that the out-of-the-box solutions available via SharePoint weren’t hitting the mark.

Quick links in SharePoint are the go-to choice for many intranets, but for enterprise businesses with thousands of employees, how do you decide which tools to include? You either end up with an endlessly long list of links that are no longer ‘quick’, or a shorter list of tools which are only relevant to a small subsection of your employees.

And the impact can be more than hours lost searching for things.

If employees can’t easily find the tools they need, or find out which tools are available to them, they’re far more likely to sign up to non-approved applications, or download their own software. Also known as shadow IT.

Organisations are losing $249 per employee on unused or duplicate tools, and for businesses with thousands of employees that soon adds up.

We built MyTools to solve these problems.

MyTools is a central place for employees to easily locate and access your company tools, and for admins to maintain control over the apps being used.


MyTools can be customised to suit every employee. Each employee has the option to favourite the tools that are important to them, selecting from a bank of pre-approved apps.

This acts as a personalised alternative to the traditional ‘quick links’ approach, and offers the personalised intranet experience that employees are now demanding.

Favourite apps in MyTools


MyTools uses simple drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy to use for every employee. Favouriting tools takes just one click, and employees also have the option to look up the tools they want with simple keyword search.


MyTools is easy to access from SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva and is never more than two clicks away.

Admins can also pin mandatory business apps, giving easy universal access to the tools that matter to every employee. This is particularly useful for getting new starters up and running and to cut down onboarding time.

MyTools is never more than 2 clicks away

Launch Offer

To celebrate the launch of MyTools, we’re running a special limited time offer for new and existing customers.

Sign up for a 1-month trial for up to 10 users, completely free of charge. We’re so confident it will change how you work that we’ll give you 20% off your annual license when you upgrade within 2 weeks.

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