Silicon Reef is a SharePoint development and Microsoft solutions agency that help your workforce strike an effective balance between work, life and play.

A trusted Microsoft Gold partner, we help clients increase their productivity through effective use of the best technology. By focusing on strategy, development, process and enablement, we partner with medium-sized to Blue Chip organisations to transform their businesses for the good.

It is our mission to support companies in their transition to an employee empowered working culture, where technical solutions crafted around your team and culture enable people to work in environments and a timeframe that suits them. The result? A more dedicated, productive and happier workforce, and a better bottom line.

Our Aim is to Work Happy

Built on a deep understanding of the Microsoft Stack, we are proud to have created a fluid, empowered, network of talented individuals, all pulling towards a common goal.

Silicon Reef was formed by five talented friends, all experts in creating SharePoint and Microsoft 365 solutions for big business, and with expertise ranging from project management through to design and development.

Inspired by the solutions we were developing, we wanted to build careers around the flexibility that Microsoft 365 provides, and to offer businesses and the people that work for them the opportunity to do the same.

Nearly a decade later Silicon Reef boasts an impressive pedigree of brand-name clients, and first class solutions delivering tangible results. We are proud of what we have achieved for our clients, but we are just as proud of the platform and culture we have built for our own people.

We believe in enabling a balance for our workforce between work and life, but understand that means something different for every individual, and are privileged to have built a team of talented friends who work across the UK. They have their own working hours, they have their own ways of managing tasks but all are working towards the same goal: to deliver excellent, sustainable, people-led solutions for our clients.

Collectively we are dedicated to crafting technology that empowers people within their workplace: to make the most of their tools, maximize their time and promote a work life balance.

Our Partners

Meet the team

Adam Brown Delivery Director, Co-Founder

Adam Brown

Alex Graves CEO, Co-Founder

Alex Graves

Giles Court Managing Director, Co-Founder

Giles Court

Richard Hewitson Product Director, Co-Founder

Richard Hewitson

Amy Gordon Principal Consultant

Amy Gordon

Amanda Harvey Marketing Manager

Amanda Harvey

Mark Stanley Senior Developer

Mark Stanley

Craig Keenan Account Director

Craig Keenan

Will Jack Service Delivery Manager

Will Jack

Jo Constantinides SharePoint Consultant

Jo Constantinides

Nadine St Pierre Senior Developer

Nadine St Pierre

Tom Kerzman Senior Consultant

Tom Kerzman

Julie Philp Operations & Portfolio Manager

Julie Philp

Our Approach

Our tried-and-tested methodology was developed out of a desire to create a process that has enough control to ensure consistency and diligence, but gives the freedom for our expert team to remain people-focused, and develop a solution that works with, and for, your culture.


By centering on key principles of understanding, listening and responding, our scalable, continuous-improvement approach has proved highly effective in delivering sustainable solutions time and time again.


Assessing the need, the audience, project timescale and budget.


Uncovering every detail of the business and end-user needs with an output of IA and project requirements.

Deploying Agile methodologies, prototype creation and an iterative approach to early development.


Applying a user-first approach, crafting elegant, responsive, accessible designs.


Skillfully planned development, meticulously executed and rigorously tested – all using the latest, most appropriate technology.


Marketing, communications, education and user adoption planning.

Ensuring the project is understood and utilised by the audience.


Taking a product development mentality with ongoing analysis, optimisation, and tool enhancement.

Ongoing support and maintenance.

Silicon Reef is doing our part in taking on the climate crisis.

By subscribing to Ecologi we offset our carbon footprint by funding the planting of trees for the non-profit Eden Reforestation Project in Madagascar.


We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi