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Growth and Training

Viva Learning makes training a natural part of the working day.
Viva Learning gives your people access to thousands of professional training resources from providers like Microsoft Learn, LinkedIn and Coursera. Support your employees’ growth by providing endless opportunities to upskill directly in Teams.

With Viva Learning you can…


Grow skills within your team with access to training resources across topics


Provide company wide training on topics like wellbeing, diversity and inclusion


Create learning pathways for new hires to get them up to speed


Assign training courses at an individual, team or company level

How we can help

Our Viva Learning services can help you start integrating training opportunities into your Microsoft 365 workspace. Our services include:

  • Consultancy & Insight
  • Rollout & Adoption
  • Support & Training

What courses can I access through Viva Learning?

Viva Learning gives your team access to thousands of courses, covering a huge variety of topics, through multiple providers. Courses from Microsoft Learn and LinkedIn can be accessed for free, but courses from other providers, like Coursera, will require a valid subscription.

How do I access Viva Learning?

You can access the Viva Learning app through Teams – just search Viva Learning in the Teams app store. Through the app, you can browse your available courses, view your bookmarked training resources, and track your progress. Managers can also integrate third party learning providers, and assign courses.

How much does Viva Learning cost?

Viva Learning is included with Microsoft 365, so you don’t have to pay any extra to access the basic version of Viva Learning. Some elements of Viva Learning – like integration with partner content providers and learning management systems – are available at an extra cost.

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To find out more about our Viva Learning services or to discuss an upcoming project, book a meeting with one of our Viva experts.