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Viva Connections

Inform and Engage

Viva Connections is the Microsoft employee experience app.
Connections is all about bringing your people together, and keeping employees engaged and informed whilst building meaningful connections in a hybrid workplace.

With Viva Connections you can…


Keep employees in the know with a personalised feed of what’s useful to them


Curate custom dashboards that give employees access to critical content and tools


Add custom organisational branding to maximise engagement


Build meaningful connections between your workforce wherever they’re based

How we can help

If you’re ready to launch Viva Connections, we can help get you up and running. Make use of our Connections services, including:

  • Consultancy & Insight
  • Rollout & Adoption
  • Support & Training

How does the Connections dashboard work?

The Connections dashboard is a curated, personalised experience that gives employees access to the tools and content they need most. You can use it to access general information, like news and announcements, or role-specific content like training, resources, or managing shifts.

Can Connections be used by frontline workers?

Viva is designed for the hybrid workplace and helps bring employees together whether they’re in the office or on the frontline. Connections can help frontline workers feel connected to the rest of the organisation, whilst keeping them in the loop with updates, resources and training materials.

Can I use Connections as an intranet?

Viva Connections isn’t an intranet on its own, but it brings the intranet experience into Microsoft Teams. Connections is powered by SharePoint, so you’ll need a SharePoint Home Site to get set up. Once you’re up and running, employees can access intranet content through Connections, without having to switch platforms.

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