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Choosing the right tools to harness employee engagement, collaboration & productivity, and wellbeing is the key to helping your employees to work happy.
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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is about trust, commitment and communication between organisations and employees. It encompasses employees’ connectedness to your organisation, their commitment to your company goals, and their perceived value within the business. Microsoft 365 tools help you create those spaces to share stories and build communities.

The best tools for driving employee engagement are:

Collaboration & Productivity

Collaboration & productivity

Collaboration & productivity means giving your workforce everything they need to work together and produce their best work, across teams, across locations and across devices. Microsoft 365 enables you to combine the capabilities of multiple tools and platforms to create a working environment that helps your team deliver at the top of their game.

For help improving your organisation’s collaboration & productivity, we recommend:



Promoting wellbeing in the workplace is good for your people and your organisation. It can prevent stress and burnout, and increase resilience and productivity. Microsoft 365 helps you put wellbeing front and centre at an employee, team and organisational level to create positive working environments where individuals can thrive.

If you’re looking to focus on wellbeing, you need:

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