Within two months of launch the tool had achieved some impressive results:

  • 27,000 employee submissions globally
  • Average of 5,000 hits per week
  • 50+ key topics gathered from a global audience

Gathering input, measuring insight and sparking interest. An Office 365 platform that brought global teams together to work towards a single purpose.

Global consumer goods manufacturer Unilever were established over 120 years ago and, in 2010, set out to create a programme that would deliver against key positive social impact goals by 2020. Through this initiative they hope to improve health and wellbeing for 1 billion people, reduce environmental impact by half, and enhance the livelihoods of millions.


Committed to their Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, Unilever wanted to allow colleagues around the world to input and participate in this industry-leading programme. They were looking for an Office 365 platform to gain insights into their plans and activities, and measure interest in issues so that they could prioritise their focus. They were looking for a tool that could work in multiple languages, locations and across different devices.


We tackled the challenge by building a highly engaging, creative SharePoint-based solution that gave this international company live access to the input of 1,000s of employees across the globe.

Unilever employees at any level can now view incoming qualitative and quantitative data in multiple graphical and data-based formats, to suit their different needs.

We worked hand-in-hand with the internal communications team to develop an easy-to-use, engaging survey and results dashboard. Running the project through our continuous-improvement, 6Ds process, we were able to develop, test and iterate until we delivered a solution all parties were happy with. The end result surpassed all KPIs and reached a far wider audience than initially anticipated.


Unilever now have:

  • A tool for employees across the globe to air their voices and choose the programmes they want to get involved with
  • A fully customisable site with mobile responsive access
  • Security and confidentiality through the secure network of Unilever’s Office 365 platform