The tool has meant the team now have:

  • Reduced lead conversion times from days, to minutes

Putting the power in the sales teams hands, with an award-winning, instant estimate tool.

Hoppecke is a global supplier of batteries and power management solutions, with a focus on forklift trucks. The company has nearly 2,000 employees and was established over 90 years ago.


When we were first approached, Hoppecke was using an offline mechanism for generating quotes. It was taking between 24 and 48 hours to return an estimate, from details provided by the sales team, and getting it out to customers. The business needed a tool to help manage all their quotations in the US, a tool that could be used on-site by Hoppecke staff, directly by distributors, and even by end customers.

We worked with the sales team to develop an online function that took account of all the different inputs and specifics required to determine the most cost effective option for the customer, generate a quote, and help the sales team facilitate a sale for the business


We designed and built a quotation and ordering tool with standardised, known configurations for over 5,000 types of model and truck, along with add-on options and matching chargers, that could be used by anyone with an account. This enabled the sales teams to quickly give a price to a customer in a visually exciting, engaging way, and convert the customer queries into quotes and, ultimately, orders.

Using our Scryber tools we gave them the ability to dynamically generate a pdf of the quote and email it both to the customer and back to the central business team, logging the whole transaction in the Hoppecke CRM system so the sales team need never miss an opportunity.


We have continued to develop and enhance the tool in partnership with Hoppecke. Further enhancements include dynamic battery selection based upon entered measurements, ROI calculations and charts in the quotation and on screen. We are now working on a global rollout plus further integration into the sales and operational tools within Hoppecke.

The tool has meant the team now have:

  • Reduced lead conversion times from days, to minutes
  • The ability for the sales team to work with the client to directly convert the orders on the spot
  • A single point of access for all sales for standardised quotation – minimising mistakes and returns
  • An award-winning tool within Hoppecke for the efficiency improvements