Our expertise doesn’t end with the technical delivery. We are with you through the most challenging phase, the rollout. Creating a SharePoint training and adoption plan.

Training & Adoption


Maybe it’s just us but we think the technology is the simplest part of any deliverable. The greatest challenge is in the people change and engagement piece. However clever the new tools, without  successful business adoption you’ll never realise the full benefit of the change.

Our experts work with the business to understand culture and attitudes before shaping a made-to-measure transition plan. This could include:

  • Communication Campaigns – emails, Yam Jams, or video blogs
  • Events – build-the-buzz events to showcase new technology in the workplace
  • Influencer-led introductions – with top-down or bottom-up advocate messaging


We have already spent significant time in Discovery understanding your end user needs. With this valuable knowledge in hand, we’re able to design SharePoint and Office 365 training materials and plan roll out activities that will capture the attention of your people, educate them and bring them with you on your journey.

Maintaining the Momentum

Rollouts of new technology don’t end with the delivery of training and communication plan. Success comes from tracking the ongoing adoption and pulling learnings back into the business roadmap.

Helping you get the most out of your Office 365 productivity suite is our goal.  With the Microsoft Adoption Pack we can track how the adoption and training plans are working, and how the change is making an impact to your business.

Optimise the benefit from your platform and inform your ongoing development.