Attollo is a cost effective, out-of-the-box SharePoint product designed to help your organisation get an intranet solution off the ground and start your digital workplace journey. With RAID deployment Attollo can be installed in your organisation within a few days, with minimal risk and no disruption to your business.

Why you need it

You are ready to start the transition to a digital workplace and want a branded Intranet tailored for your business, but don’t have the bandwidth, the capital or the need for a ground-up design and build project. You know your business is going to grow and change but don’t want your intranet to be limited to the initial deployment.

What you get

Attollo Intranet delivers a fully branded SharePoint intranet with popular sections relevant for the majority of businesses. This proven site structure provides a solid building block for future growth and development for any sized business.  Utilising the SharePoint infrastructure of lists and libraries to post and publish content, the path to adoption and administration of Attollo is very fast with a very basic knowledge of SharePoint.

As a preferred partner of Attollo, we will work with you to design, brand, structure and implement an out-of-the-box intranet on SharePoint. With our focus on the long-term benefit of any solution we deliver, we also offer training and adoption planning to help you land the change with your organisation.

Unlike other out-of-the-box intranet solutions, Attollo does not tie you in or lock you out of extending your intranet. Designed to be developed, evolved and extended as and when required, if you know your business is going to go through change and growth, this is the product for you.