Whether it’s getting the best results from your current SharePoint intranet solutions, or designing a bespoke hub for your workforce, investing time in your intranet is investing in your employee engagement.


Intranet Builds

Your people are the heart of your business. You need to provide a steady, accurate flow of information to engage and connect your workforce to your purpose, your values.

Your SharePoint Intranet is the starting place of your employee journey. With flexible and remote working a common characteristic of the modern workplace, this core tool needs to be available to your people 365, 24/7, and accessible from any device, anywhere.

We build Office 365 intranet solutions that your workforce can rely on. We can provide the central framework for creating and sharing content and help you extend it to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.


You’re putting your first toe into the water of an employee intranet, you want to upgrade your employee site or maybe you are finding your current SharePoint Intranet offers more than your workforce needs and you are looking to simplify.

Whatever your Office 365 Intranet requirements are, our consultants can help you articulate your needs, define an initial roadmap, and discuss the benefits of a transition.

Classic vs Modern

Microsoft have invested significantly in the SharePoint platform to make it even more relevant for the modern workplace. This might have left you wondering what to do with your current, classic SharePoint Intranet, and whether a full-blown migration is required for your business.

We can help you assess the benefits of the latest SharePoint and Office 365 releases against your current platform. We will always look for the most appropriate course of action for our clients, and will never recommend change that you don’t need when simple adjustment to their current platform is all that is required.

You may already be sitting on the best solution for your business.

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Unlock the power of your workforce by giving them the Office 365 toolkit that’s right for them.