Why invest in fantastic SharePoint and Microsoft technologies behind the scenes if no one can work out how to use it? We breakdown the requirements and make the transition seamless.


Discovery is vital. We aren’t just focused on building a list of SharePoint system requirements, or creating a log of Office 365 user stories. We start Discovery with three key questions; what does this solution need to deliver for your business, who are the users, and how will they interact with it?


Business Analysis

Our BA team has extensive expertise in articulating SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft system requirements. They have analysed and understood the business needs of a wide range of industry sectors; from finance and insurance, to energy and manufacturing, and many more.

Our analysts have a superb track record of pinpointing the most elusive requirements, and articulating the challenges, opportunities and key metrics of numerous complex Microsoft and SharePoint change projects (and a few very straightforward ones).


From light-touch to deep-dive our analysis phase will always be sized for the scope of your change.

Through workshops, questionnaires, one-to-ones or Skype calls we focus on building a detailed understanding of what it is you need to achieve for your audience and your business.

User Stories

During the Discovery phase we create tailored personas based on your organisation’s core audience.

By mapping out typical – and edge case – user stories to inform the design, we make sure we are on track to deliver the optimal solution before a project moves onto the build stage.

User Journeys

We aren’t just focused on technology; we’re focused on people. Understanding human interactions is a vital part of planning any interface. We work with our clients to model user flows through the application, and examine how the solution might be used based on a persons needs.

This tried and tested approach ensures the end solution respond to real human behaviours. The end result is an efficient, user-optimal solution for your business.

Strategic Planning

We always consider long-term value, however short the project engagement. Strategic Planning means ensuring we are building you the best toolkit, for the right reasons, at the right time for your business. Our experts run roadmap alignment workshops to help guide and support you through your strategy planning.

We look at the business change and training you need to adopt your new, or improved, tools. And finally, we identify key measures and build in the tools you need to track the benefits and optimise your investment over time.

Discovery is the first, vital step towards creating a usable, efficient solution that helps your business and the people within it to thrive.