Creating SharePoint intranet design with creative flair and a focus on the people who will use it.


User Experience (UX)

Our UX experts frame the end-user experience through in-depth research, workshops and interviews. We identify how the people in your company work, the processes that shape your operation and the information and data that supports your business.

UX often creates a prototype solution for pre-build user testing to inform the final design of your SharePoint website.

User Interface (UI)

Exceptional technology is nothing without a great, intuitive UI.

Taking the output of the UX research, along with clearly articulated user stories, we shape the all-important presentation layer to seamlessly marry user-needs and functionality.


We can design your SharePoint website to sit flawlessly within your established corporate branding, or can create a brand look-and-feel for you from the ground up.

We recognize the identifying power of a strong corporate brand, and the values that it can convey both internally to your people and externally to your customers.

Site Design

Our creative team is highly skilled at bringing your SharePoint, Intranet or Office365 applications to life.

Using Microsoft design practices alongside their unique imagination and vast SharePoint experience, our designers create user interfaces to delight and engage.


Open-minded, well-researched and imaginative. First-class design is the key to delivering effective sustainable solutions.