SharePoint & Microsoft Teams for External Collaboration

External Collaboration Enablement

We design processes that enable seamless collaboration outside of your organisation. We work with IT teams to make collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers as simple and secure as your internal collaborations.

What We Do

External Collaboration Enablement

We enable adoption of B2B collaboration, utilising all the appropriate security features so that you remain protected while modernising the way you work with external partners. We know that not all work happens within your organisation, and so we help external collaborators benefit from the same tools, features and functionality whilst ensuring your business data remains safe.

The Tools We Use

The majority of external collaboration happens in SharePoint and Teams, but we can support your and your partners’ needs across the Microsoft 365 landscape.

Why external collaboration matters

Confidence in data security when working with partners, customers and suppliers

Ensure consistent processes internally and externally

Faster, smoother, real-time collaboration

Our Customer Stories

Asahi: Engaging Change Communications

Santen: In Service of Patients SharePoint Site

Hair Hub

Hyphen: A new Internal Comms Channel

The Work Happy Journey

The Work Happy Journey is a commitment to continually evolve, innovate and push the boundaries of how technology can change the way you work. External collaboration is as much a part of your Work Happy journey as internal collaboration. If you have a vision for what Work Happy looks like in your business, we’ll help you build the roadmap to get there.

Let’s Talk

We’re ready to help you level up your External Collaboration.