SharePoint Content Management & Governance

Content Services

Our SharePoint content management and governance services keep your intranets and employee engagement sites manageable, fresh, and up to date. We work with IT, communications teams, intranet managers and other content owners to support you in maintaining your SharePoint site with ease.

What We Do

Content Governance

We help you design and implement content governance strategies and processes to keep your intranet and engagement sites current and engaging. Our people-first approach looks at content from both a human and technical perspective, enabling us to design processes that make sense for your business and your teams.

Content Owner Training

We provide training to site owners and content creators to help you create inspiring content and manage your modern intranet sites. Working with people in non-technical roles, we empower you to create your own content without needing IT support.

The Tools We Use

Your content can be served across Microsoft 365 in other tools like Teams and Viva – but content management starts with SharePoint.

Why do you need SharePoint content governance?

Unclear governance and outdated content are two of the main reasons why intranets fail. Keeping your intranet and engagement sites up to date with regular, company-aligned, engaging content ensures your people are connected and informed.


say unclear governance is why intranets fail


say outdated content is why intranets fail

Our SharePoint Work

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The Work Happy Journey

The Work Happy Journey is a commitment to continually evolve, innovate and push the boundaries of how technology can change the way you work. Keeping your internal content fresh and up to date is part of that journey. If you have a vision for what Work Happy looks like in your business, we’ll help you build the journey to get there.

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We’re ready to help you level up your SharePoint content governance and management.