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Power Platform Services

We use Power Platform to help you do more with less. Using Power Platform’s low-code tools, we build easy-to-manage experiences that support everything from employee experience and self-service to business processes and external collaboration.

What We Do

Power App Development

We help you improve your employee experience and streamline business processes by building engaging and intuitive applications in Power Apps. We help you turn ideas into solutions with easy-to-run custom apps unique to your organisation.

Power Pages Portals

We design and create low-code external portals to securely deliver information to, and collect information from, your customers. Our Power Pages portals make external collaboration smooth and seamless for you, your partners, and customers.

Chat Bots

We create chat bots using Power Virtual Agents to support key business processes and create interactive, self-service paths to important information. Our chat bots support a range of requests, from FAQs to support issues and more.

The Tools We Use

With Power Apps, Power Pages and Power Virtual agents, the possibilities with Power Platform are endless.

Why Power Platform?

Power Platform gives you the freedom to build tools unique to your business, allowing you to customise far beyond what out-of-the-box solutions can offer. Power Platform helps businesses achieve better, faster, and more effective:

Employee and supplier onboarding

Management of manufacturing processes

Product quality control

Event registration

FAQs...and more

Our Customer Stories

Asahi: Engaging Change Communications

Santen: In Service of Patients SharePoint Site

Hair Hub

Hyphen: A new Internal Comms Channel

The Work Happy Journey

The Work Happy Journey is a commitment to continually evolve, innovate and push the boundaries of how technology can change the way you work. Power Platform can bring the unique aspects of your journey to life. If you have a vision for what Work Happy looks like in your business, we’ll help you build the roadmap to get there.

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We’re ready to help you level up your Power Platform Development.