Microsoft Workplace User Training

User Training

We train your teams to get the most from your Microsoft 365 tools. By delivering tailored training to leadership teams, project sponsors, IT teams, and end users, we help you and your employees to adopt your new systems as seamlessly as possible.

What We Do

User Training

We design and deliver tailored training sessions across every level of your organisation to maximise adoption and minimise disruption. We ensure every employee is comfortable and confident with your new technology, helping you to establish your new Microsoft 365 in the heart of your business, and guaranteeing the best return on your investment.

The tools we use

Our user training services centre around SharePoint, Viva, Teams and Yammer, but we deliver targeted training across the Microsoft 365 landscape.

Why user training is important

Increases adoption and engagement

Keeps you and your employees up to date with new Microsoft tools and features

Empowers your employees with additional skills

Allows you to realise the benefits of your new tools faster

Our Customer Stories

Asahi: Engaging Change Communications

Santen: In Service of Patients SharePoint Site

Hair Hub

Hyphen: A new Internal Comms Channel

The Work Happy Journey

The Work Happy Journey is a commitment to continually evolve, innovate and push the boundaries of how technology can change the way you work. Training is a constant throughout your journey. If you have a vision for what Work Happy looks like in your business, we’ll help you build the roadmap to get there.

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