Product Library is our in-house developed, tried-and-tested solution for managing complex product data sets for any size of catalogue. This SharePoint-based, shopping-style experience allows business users to find detailed information about your company product range.  With rich search, a results filter and sort, and even an add-to-cart for favourites, the tool uses the familiar SharePoint content management system for the administration.

Why you need it

As a business with a range of products, you want all of your employees to have access to a single source truth about every aspect of each of those products, from packaging and pallet dimensions to ingredients, brand and marketing information.

With this data being generated and used in multiple disparate departments – even externally – you need an auditable, accessible repository to hold and manage it all.

What you get

Product Library gives you the ability to build a digital reference library of all information related to the products in your catalogue. The application uses a knowledgebase-style wiki database with a shopping cart interface for users to find information quickly.


The solution offers a range of world-class features including:

  • Group management of information
  • Workflow moderation
  • Social sharing and collaboration
  • Add items to basket for grouping and management
  • Lock products or data sets to specific groups
  • Powerful search and filter function
  • Fully configurable fields and sections
  • Access to live information
  • Management of multiple content types

As a result your business will see considerable improvements to efficiency and speed to market, with products created faster and with more collaboration across departments, and without the need to purchase software or SAAS licenses.