Assemble is the ultimate management meeting tool. Deploy Assemble on your SharePoint platform and you can run team meetings and change approval boards, manage board meetings, summits and conferences with ease.

Why you need it

Love them or hate them you can’t deny that meetings are the ultimate collaboration forums, whether they are project brainstorms or regular weekly team gatherings, daily stand ups or quarterly board meetings.

As an efficient business you are aiming to run your meetings with maximum engagement from all participants, and optimum impact from the decisions made or ideas generated. This means developing agendas, managing pre-reads, bringing in virtual attendees and generating and sharing minutes and outputs. You need a solution to ensure that the right tools are available for the right forums, and confidence that those tools are available to all.

What you get

Currently pending a launch date, Assemble has been developed with a close eye on the needs of every business, whatever their size.

Out-of-the-box, Assemble provides all the meeting structures you might need, including submitting, approving, reviewing, and presenting content for any forum.

Mobile-ready and complimenting the Office 365 suite of tools, particularly Skype and Outlook, Assemble will help your meeting coordinators manage even complex, remote gatherings to successful outcomes.

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