At Silicon Reef, we design and build a variety of apps, websites and offer bespoke solutions, but our sweet spot is UX (user experience). We focus on the person who will need to access the intranet or app on a daily basis. What exactly do they want out of the tool and how do they want to see it function? This is why at the beginning of any project, we go directly to the user themselves and review what has worked and what hasn’t. By doing this, we’ve seen an increase in productivity and employee engagement in the workforce for each of our clients.

Most companies have an intranet (an internal website), but in many cases, this is out of date and has poor usability. It is important that the employees are able to understand how to navigate their intranet in an instant and value it as one of their key tools on-hand. With a well-designed intranet, a company can improve internal communication and increase efficiency.

With so many well-designed apps available in our personal lives, people have now become accustomed to, and expect a user-friendly experience in their work lives as well. A user-friendly experience means fewer clicks, easy navigation, and less time wasted. Here are our key points as to why it is essential to keep the user top of mind when designing an intranet or app. 



An easy-to-use platform that hosts all necessary documents and contacts makes an employee’s daily work more streamline and efficient.


Connect globally and cross-channel. Share company values and mission. Make employees feel they are a part of the company’s success and growth path.


Every moment an employee struggles with an intranet site due to poor UX they’re wasting time.  This impacts their productivity each day.


Reduce the training costs with an intranet that’s intuitive and easy to use. As well as cost for multiple platforms for each department and location. 


If the employees can find what they are looking for in an easy and clear way they will work more efficiently and feel less stress. 


Stay tuned for our upcoming post on how to achieve an ideal UX design.